How long will analysis of my sample take?

The analysis turnaround time is 42 working days, but this time will vary depending on the complexity of the sample, availability of all the required reagents for its analysis and how complete the information you provide about the sample is (including how fast you respond to our queries).

How can I have my sample analyzed?

i. Request a quotation for the sample you want analysed by sending an email request to
ii. Download the Sample Submission Guidelines and the Analysis Request Form from here (insert link to downloads)
iii. Pay for the analysis. Please note we take payment in advance.
iv. Fill the Analysis Request Form and bring the required number of samples as described in the Sample Submission Guidelines, the required reference standards and the method of analysis in case you prefer us to use the manufacturer’s method of analysis
Please note that samples are accepted at the Laboratory only on Tuesday and Thursday of every week.